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At KitnCouture our primary goal as a Persian breeder is to produce healthy and happy cats that adhere to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) Persian breed standard.  We choose to breed Persians because we believe they have exceptional personalities and make better pets than any other breed of cat.   More specifically, we choose to breed Silver Tabbies and Smoke Persians as we think they are quite stunning.

Our kittens are raised with our children, dogs and are well socialized and enjoy being played with.  They are loved family members.  Our cats will provide companionship as well as daily enjoyment to their families.  Each and every kitten is important to us.  Our largest consideration is finding families who will love our kittens and provide a healthy stable environment for them.  Forever homes are a must.

Persians are different than other short hair breeds as they have grooming requirements that cannot be overstated.   Daily brushing is necessary in order to maintain their long luxurious coat from matting.   Matting can be painful to the cats, so brushing is a must.   Bathing and eye care is also necessary.   Healthy diets are essential for the kittens’ health.

If you have never had a Persian, you are in for a treat.   If you have had a Persian, then you know that they are the most special of all breeds.